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….."As an employee that works with an Orthopedic Surgeon at a clinic in Toledo, we played this CD for the patient and staff. We noticed a decrease in stress and irritability among both patients and our staff. This can be a wonderful tool to use for patients that are suffering from pain to help calm them and ease their mind and offer distraction.
Orthopedic Clinic, Toledo, OH

...."When I played the Relaxation CD in the presence of some of my migraine patients, they commented that they felt calm and had great post treatment results"
Dr. Eric Brightman,
Family Tree Chiropractic,
Bryan, Ohio

….."I have been recommending music therapy to my patients suffering from headaches and anxiety for years, as one piece of comprehensive management plan. Some patients that fail strictly conventional therapy are looking for a more holistic approach. I have been listening to the Relaxation CD for weeks now and find the harp and flute music a very fitting recommendation in this setting as adjuvant therapy (additional treatment designed to help reach the ultimate goal) for patients searching for additional approaches."

Dr. Robert W. Mills, M.D.
PediatriCare Associates, Toledo, OH
Infant, Child and Adolescent Medicine

......Michigan Mother states ThatI get headaches due to stress and air pressure changes and seasonal allergies. I normally would take 3 ibuprofen, 2 extra strength Tylenol and 2 sedated. When I felt the headache coming on, I would turn on the CD. The headache would lose intensity by the third song and be almost gone by the end of the CD. At time I would still have to take the Tylenol at least, but I did not need to take the Sudafed or Ibuprofen."

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...."The harp music helped to "alleviate the migraine pain. The CD also helps when I am feeling stressed"......"I truly enjoyed the harpistry. The music is so beautiful, allowing me to transcend to a place of serenity and calm away from the cares and worries of this world. I believe this music is God's gift to the healing of a broken spirit, something I know a lot about being a migraine sufferer. I love the 8th song on this CD."……
Jan, Toledo, Ohio (Experiences Migraine Headaches)

....."They are using it daily now with the pre K and the babies in three different rooms for: nap time, calms them down and feeding time it also calms them down. One child likes to sing to the song, "A River Flows in You." Other Songs that helped was: Night Breeze, Kiss the Rain, Quietude. Another child calmed right down (crying while the parent was leaving them) when the music was played." "There are two children with symptoms of ADHD and autism (but not yet confirmed) and it calmed them right down."
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......Summary: Mother of five states, "We found that while the Harp to Harp CD played, our household seemed a lot calmer, with less friction, fussiness and irritability amongst our children. It seemed like everyone benefited from the CD."

Mother that has a High functioning 4 year old Autistic child states "We noticed when the music is playing his tantrums, his aggression, and the screaming seemed to be minimal. He really enjoyed listening to the music and enjoyed every song. He seemed a lot calmer and content when the harp music was being played."

......Anxiety and OCD 9 year old....Mother of 5 states, "At times the anxiety can cause her to get very upset and emotional. We noticed when her anxiety was kicking in that the CD would help gher to calm down and refocus on the current situation. She would like to listen to the first song on the CD over and over again until she was completely calm. We noticed that if the music was already playiang, her anxiety would not be an issue at all!"

......12 week old baby....."After listening to the harp CD during different parts of baby girls day, we found that she had a lot of positive gains.....she nursed a lot longer and without interruption while the harp CD was played, she fell asleep faster and slept longer periods of time, she calmed down a lot faster, she would play on her playmat without fussing for at least 2 hours if the music played continuously, once the harp music played, SHE CALMED DOWN INSTANTLY! vs. before when she fussed immediately without the music."

...."We've been playing this CD in our boarding facility at AW Animal Hospital and have definitely noticed more calm and quiet dogs. Lulls our boarders to sleep and soothes them during their stay with us. LOVE IT!!!!"
L. Reece, Owner of AW Animal Hospital, Maumee, Ohio

....."It seemed to relax them. Before the CD, they were always awake and hyper in the morning. During and after the CD, they were less noisy and some were still laying down in the morning. "It must have cut back on their anixety. THEY SEEMED LESS ANXIOUS."
Ashley, Manager of The Family Puppy, Franklin Park Mall, Toledo, OH.

....."My nine year old dog, Kira, has gotten scared of thunder storms in her old age. The other night a storm came through and she started to get very nervous and panting really hard. So I took her in the bedroom had her jump up on the bed and played the harp music for her. Right away she started to calm down and her breathing slowed down quite a bit. She then started to drift off to sleep. She's not usually a very nervous dog but these storms have started to bother her and the music really helped her."
Chris is a Dog Owner from Toledo, Ohio.

......"This CD provides a soundtrack to take a break from the voices of despair that echo in the minds ears of those who are suffering loss. Personally, this CD has been the background music of the preparation of sermons and Bible studies for ministry in the church…the soothing melodies and gentle style have helped me focus in on the tasks the Lord has entrusted me with."
Pastor Kleimola, Trinity Lutheran Church, Toledo, Ohio.

….."My name is Reno from Toledo, OH. (Age 21) I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. When I listened to the harp music, the enemy inside me 'fleed'. Although I'm possessed and was not completely healed and delivered before listening, part of the enemy in me was replaced with a 'Holy Sensation'."
Reno, Toledo, Ohio

....."The music is relaxing. It invites one in to a sense of trnquility. Music can be a powerful tool to soothe one's spirit and can be used of God. (1 Samuel 16:23)
Mary Anne H, Trinity Lutheran Church, Minister of Music
These testimonials are soley personalized and do not reflect a medical outcome, but a written expression from each individual. WARNING: Patients/Animals with acute or chronic pain, anxiety disorders and attention-deficit discorder or any other medical conditions are advised to seek professional medical advice and or treatment. Call 911 for any Medical emergency. Harp to Harp is NOT responsible for any medical conditions or drowsiness when listening to these CDs.

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